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The best online shopping store in Bhutan is the biggest online shopping store in Bhutan with products from various categories including consumer electronics, IT equipments, groceries, hardware tools, pet care, home appliances, baby products, fashion and Made in Bhutan products. It’s the first e-commerce platform in Bhutan that provides online stores for retailers to sell their products to customers online. is also an initiative to support the COVID-19 pandemic situation by creating an online marketplace in Bhutan.

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Moringa Oleifera said to be a rich source for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Cultivated, harvested & packaged in Bhutan.

Nu: 210.00



A forehead thermometer to scan body temperature of your clients, relatives, friends and families.

Nu: 2,500.00



Awesome Coffee. Better than Nescafe. A free mini coffee inside.

Nu: 115.00



A transformative triple‑camera system. Welcome to the first iPhone powerful enough to be called Pro.

Nu: 105000 - 125000



Kuzuzangpo la

Welcome to, the biggest online shopping platform in Bhutan. Please register now and order your shopping list. Currently due to lock-down, we deliver in Thimphu only. Normally we deliver to all 20 Dzongkhag.

We are constantly adding new product and product categories. Our mission is to make a one stop shop for all kind of products and services. Please keep visiting our website. We really need your support.

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Frozen Chicken

Frozen Chicken

Nu: 315.00
15 hours ago

Fashion Mask

Fashion Mask

Nu: 130.00
16 hours ago

Jagdamba N95 Mask

Jagdamba N95 Mask

Nu: 130.00
22 hours ago

Thelpoi Incense Stick (Short)

Thelpoi Incense Stick (Sh..

Nu: 43.00
22 hours ago

Samyang Kimchi Ramen

Samyang Kimchi Ramen

Nu: 64.00
22 hours ago

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@Ganga R Dhungyel 3 days ago

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the order. You have exceeded my expectations on all fronts. Just so that. the delivery guys do not have a hard time finding a delivery address due to the lack of proper addressing system at the moment, it would be great if you allow customers to upload a google map indicating their delivery address. Direct Integration of the payment with the banks or another payment gateway would be appreciated too. Thank you and your service during these hard times is greatly appreciated.

@Admin 1 day ago
Our team here at is thrilled to receive such wonderful feedback and suggestion on your shopping experience. We have already made the delivery location tracking system. You can add your location on your next purchase la. We are also working on payment options directly with RMA and we will be making it online soon. Thank you again for your feedback la.

@Jaja Kipgen 1 week ago

Thanks for the quick delivery!

@Admin 1 week ago
Thank you for the feedback la. We hope to see you again.

@Kinley Dorji 2 weeks ago

Good delivery. Thanks

@Admin 2 weeks ago
Thank you for your kind words. We wish to see you again la.

@Sunita Giri 2 weeks ago

Always a pleasure to shop with you
Thank you!

@Admin 2 weeks ago
Your feedback means a lot to us. Thank you la.

@Chencho Dema 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much for your quick delivery and I would like to say that your service and system is very concern and professional.
I will recommend to all my friends and family.
Thank you

@Admin 2 weeks ago
We would like to thank you for the recommendation and feedback that you have shared with us. We are delighted to know that our services was helpful to you. Thank you for using

Recent Products

Made in Bhutan


Zhimtsi Ezay

Ezay & Pickle
Stock: 3

Nu: 220.00


Masala Tea 50g

Tea and Coffee
Stock: 71

Nu: 150.00


Vermi Compost 1kg

Home & Living
Stock: 39

Nu: 50.00

Beauty & Personal Care




Stock: 20

Nu: 250.00


Mipham's Dialctics

Stock: 9

Nu: 500.00


Enchanted by Bhutan

Stock: 9

Nu: 275.00

Consumer Electronics


Home & Living


Sang Powder, 250g

Home & Living
Home Fragrance
Stock: 28

Nu: 96.00


Blue Bed Sheets Double Size

Home & Living
Stock: 1

Nu: 1,000.00

Pet Care


Pet Comb

Pet Care
Stock: 4

Nu: 220.00


Cat collar

Pet Care
Stock: 9

Nu: 120 - 120


Dog Collar

Pet Care
Stock: 5

Nu: 200 - 200


Lovely Dog Collar

Pet Care
Stock: 10

Nu: 220 - 220

Tools & Hardware

Toys, Kids & Babies

Women's Fashion


Mix Pattern Inner-wear

Women's Fashion
Stock: 10

Nu: 85 - 85


Luzhilu Sandal

Women's Fashion
Stock: 5

Nu: 1835 - 1835


Hongxiewu Block Heel

Women's Fashion
Stock: 6

Nu: 1743 - 1743

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