Goldmedal i-strip 10A

Goldmedal i-strip 10A

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Product Description
Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Plastic 240 i-Strip LED Spike Guard Adaptors (White and Red)
Goldmedal i-strip led spike guard is crafted by the finest professional designers in the industry. The superior product quality includes components from professional experienced and reputed manufacturers, along with phosphor bronze contacts known for its characteristic hardness, elasticity and conductivity which ensures the device to experience a minimal temperature rise. The i-strip led spike guard comes with a 2m heavy duty power cord, along with 6 international sockets. A master switch with an led indicator is embedded in the ergonomic design.
It's unique versatile socket design enables you to use the device to provide power for various household appliances that employ plugs of different types. The design makes sure the sockets are spaced so as to accommodate several plugs of various sizes simultaneously.

Scope of application: It can be used for household, office, computers and its peripherals, telecommunication, network, precision instrument, television set, high-grade loudspeaker, vcd / dvd, and other electronic equipment etc.
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